"There's No Roughing It, When ACA Students Take To The Wilderness!"

"There's No Roughing It, When ACA Students Take To The Wilderness!"

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“We’re going camping now. We’re on our way!”   ACA’s summer school fun began with many opportunities to turn the everyday humdrum of inside learning into an explosion of outdoor fun as they enjoyed a day of camping at Maumelle Park.  This week at school, ACA students have been preparing for this day as both classrooms have been using multisensory methods to learn how to: pitch a tent, fish, set up and play new outdoor games, build a campfire, pack the necessary items to go camping, and learn and apply camping vocabulary.  Students have rehearsed the necessary skills to pitch a tent, cast a fishing line, and engage with friends for this all day excursion.

      Some of All Children’s Therapy outpatient clients also joined ACA students to enhance therapeutic activities that have been addressed this week in speech and occupational therapy.  Blending the classroom, speech, physical, and occupational therapies real life experiences enriches each student with the ability to practice what they have been learning in those domains.  All children today enjoyed an overcast, warm day of playing with friends in tents, competing in outdoor games, fishing, watching the wildlife, eating lunch, making S’mores over the campfire, swinging, sliding, and having a whole lot of fun.  It was a Therapeutically Enhanced Education® kind of day!