Pumpkins and Scarecrows and Hayrides, Oh My!

Pumpkins and Scarecrows and Hayrides, Oh My!

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     The fall brings its earthy smell of damp soil and bright colored leaves that cover the ground. The anticipation of cooler weather, wearing flannel, wrapping in cozy blankets to warm and envisioning the harvest time of apples and pumpkins, highlight this time of year. In the classroom, students can learn all of the concepts and vocabulary surrounding the fall, harvest time, apples, and pumpkins, but when students can experience learning through fieldtrips, then real meaning is attached to everything that is learned in class.  Aspire Christian Academy understands the balance of using experiential learning along with traditional classroom work, as they take on an adventurous day away from school at Bo Brooks Farm.

     Taking advantage of the season’s cool weather and overcast skies, ACA students explored the great outdoors of the farm to pet animals, take a hayride, climb on the mounds of haystacks, pick a perfect pumpkin, and then to have a picnic lunch. Students were able to apply vocabulary they learned in the classroom as they saw first hand the life cycle of the pumpkin, from flowering to harvesting. All Children’s Therapy (ACT) occupational, speech, and physical therapists joined us on the expedition as well to work on incorporating sensory integration tasks through the corn pit and hay maze, climbing skills on the hay mountains, and pragmatic skills throughout the day. Having an educational environment for students who learn differently where they can experience hands on learning is a hallmark of ACA. We are very blessed to be able to have gifted staff that can incorporate themes, skills, and academic concepts no matter where we go!

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Checking Chicks!
Petting goats!
Why are all goats named Billy?
Hay! That's corny!
Hunting Pumpkins.
Serious pumpkin hunters.
Hey! We need one more pumpkin!
Teachers need pumpkins too!
Is this one big enough?
Ms. Shawnda and student stop to pose!
Happy Hayriders!
Ms. Cheryl and her Peeps!
Conquering Mt. Straw!
Thankful for lunchtime!
Lunch at the farm.
Where's the ketchup?
Great friends breaking bread!
Now, how much fun was that?