ACA Students Recently Set Sail For The Nina And The Pinta!

ACA Students Recently Set Sail For The Nina And The Pinta!

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     Indeed, Columbus set sail for the ocean blue in 1492. But, recently ACA students were asked to debate the question “Did Columbus really discover America?”  With the ability to use current technology in the classroom, students were surprised to learn that the celebrated man did discover some areas of land, but not the one we call America.  This was a great opportunity to learn the value of knowing the truth and asking an even deeper question of “why do we sometimes believe what we do?”  Students were then asked to write their opinion on the topic and support their answers to debate with other students.  Following the classroom assignment utilizing videos and written information,  students then participated in a fieldtrip to see the Niña and Pinta at Little Rock River Market.

     Guided by one of the ships tour guides, our students were able to apply previously learned knowledge taught in the classroom setting to ask questions about Columbus and his voyages.  Our speech therapist and teachers were standing by to help clarify concepts and probe the students to ensure a deeper understanding of content and vocabulary.  Though the intent of the outing was to bring the classroom to life through dramatic instruction, students were given many opportunities to also practice pragmatics and problem solving skills and had time to enjoy friends with a sack lunch picnic, time on the playground, and a visit to Witt Stephens Nature Center.

     Aspire Christian Academy enhances our students learning using visual and dramatic instructions, which statistically prove to increase learning in students.   Our Therapeutically Enhanced Education® ensures that our students extend learning beyond the classroom and written work. We are blessed to be able to have these opportunities to give our students deepened academic concepts and to enable them to apply their skills in the community.