"ACA Students Learn Fire Houses Are A Hot Topic!"

"ACA Students Learn Fire Houses Are A Hot Topic!"

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ACA Class I and II made it to their field trip today....thank you God for the good weather!! We started off at FIRE House Subs because there is nothing like fire hats, subs and hanging with your friends having fun. After eating we just happened to have plenty of time to stop off and play before we headed to Fire Station 16.

ACA students have been studying Fire Fighters and have learned so much about what they do for our community. What better way to make our literacy language curriculum multisensory than to head to the fire station to see what we have been reading and writing about, drawing, participating in hands on activities, playing with fireman toys, dressing up and pretending, and experiencing through videos.

The Fire Fighters were so gracious and kind to ACA. They showed us the truck, how they put their uniform on and where they stay for 24 hour shifts. We experienced the alarm going off in their station and the siren and lights on their truck. We are blessed beyond words to have men and women who are willing to put their lives at risk for our safety every single day.

We made it safely back to ACA to finish our experience story to recap our day. I don't have to describe what our students thought...all you have to do is see their precious faces!