ACA Student's Celebrating George Washington's Birthday!

ACA Student's Celebrating George Washington's Birthday!

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Happy 284th BIRTHday George Washington. What a blessing and an honor it was today for ACA students to celebrate the United States Founding Father, our first president, and a man of great integrity who stood for God and this country....the USA!

Class II has been studying American Symbols for the past week which has included: The Capitol of US; the Washington Monument; the Statue of Liberty; our American flag; the Lincoln Memorial, Mount Rushmore, the bald eagle and Uncle Sam to name a few. Each student was provided with an American Symbol power point (ACA made) to watch with their famlies last week. In conjunction with the power point, books, songs and videos we have been busy building and displaying these symbols in our classroom.

Today we started our study of George Washington. What perfect timing to start our study on his BIRTHday. So we planned and held a party for him and asked the other students to come for a tour and cake. Each student was assigned one of the American Symbols displayed in our room. Everyone had the opportunity to practice what they were going to say before the tours began. Each student made their own George Washington hat and then stood by their American Symbol ready to share their knowledge. The other ACA students came in small groups so they could hear about the American Symbols from our students as well as sing Happy Birthday to George Washington and eat some B-day cake after their tour.

Our multisensory VKAT (visual, kinesthetic, auditory and tactile) curriculum that prepared our students for today's activity included: setting up our room with structures and props the students built/made themselves as well as other themed items. This assisted them to learn what they were as well as be able to describe and talk about them. We also used a variety of literacy books on the topics, many manipulative language activities, and specific art projects to teach the symbols. The students practiced retelling information to each other about the symbols and George and wrote about them in their journals everyday. A great way to work on memory is acting out characters, looking at videos, learning songs, and using real money that George Washington is found on for our math lessons. And then lastly putting on a party and sharing information in a tour format so we addressed verbal skills, memory, speaking in front of others, and answering questions.

We will continue to study George Washington this week and Abraham Lincoln the following week as we read, write, and talk about them so that there is comprehension and generalization NOT only memorization! To memorize means you have the information right now in your brain but to comprehend and generalize means you have the information in your brain for a very long time and can apply the information to future more advanced curriculum.

ACA adheres to our Therapeutically Enhanced Education model to build vocabulary, address grammar, teach language concepts and core competencies, apply math to everything we can as we set up a strong foundation for higher academic learning. And YES, we have great hands on FUN learning!

In GOD We Trust.......