"ACA Field Trip Leads To A Real Pickle!"

"ACA Field Trip Leads To A Real Pickle!"

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Let The Shopping Begin!

Taking advantage of hands on learning is something that All Children’s Academy does best. Going to the Farmer’s Market is one experience that continues year after year at ACA.  But it just doesn’t stop with pre-teaching about fruits and vegetables and taking a fieldtrip. It extends days beyond so that students have the opportunity to use previous knowledge for novel activities. Such was the case when ACA’s upper classroom chose to make  jars of dill pickles with fresh produce bought at the Farmer’s Market.

     Planning for this activity began with researching recipes for dill pickles and choosing the right recipe that was conducive for using the tools and equipment at school. From there, students had to determine which ingredients would need to be bought from the store and which items were potential items for buying at the Farmer’s Market.  Once the list was made, it was time to see what the Farmer’s Market had to offer. To everyone’s satisfaction, fresh ingredients such as dill, garlic, and cucumbers were bought there.

     The next day, students diligently planned out how much of the store-bought ingredients were needed in order complete the recipe and to make the quantity of products. Careful computations to determine amounts of vinegar, salt, and water to make the brine were made before and during the trip to the grocery store.  After returning from the grocery store, students learned the step by step process of pickling their own jar of pickles; including washing jars, slicing cucumbers, and measuring ingredients.  The school was soon filled with the potent smell of vinegar.   Students taste tested the fresh ingredients and quickly formed likes and dislikes about the smells and tastes.  By the end of the class, students were able to take home their first jar of homemade pickles for their families to enjoy!