ACA Celebrates National Dyslexia Awareness Month!

ACA Celebrates National Dyslexia Awareness Month!

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Five years ago ACA was founded and continues to serve students who are Bright and Gifted but learn differently. This month is Dyslexia Awareness Month and Sensory Processing Awareness Month which allows us to spread the word about these silent disabilities. 1 in 5 struggle with a specific learning disability that affects reading, writing, math, spelling, and/or comprehension.

With that being said.....why should there be a school solely dedicated and committed to providing an academic setting just for students who have Dyslexia, ADHD, Apraxia and Sensory Processing Disorders????? Can't someone with these diagnosis just go to school and learn????? The answer is NO!

Since the late 1800's pioneers (such as Samuel Orton) identified and developed methods that teach the child with dyslexia. Many years of research has proven that evidence based methods are imperative and the ONLY way for these type of students to learn. They require an explicit, multi-sensory, structured, cumulative way to learn. If a dyslexic child does not receive the appropriate programming they will be unable to reach their potential, and that is unacceptable when there are solutions that are proven to work.

Please tell others there is a school in AR that is more than just aware of Dyslexia for the month of OCTOBER....but rather aware every day all year long.