Cindy A. Young, MSE, CCC-SLP, CAMT, NDT Founder/CEO

Cindy A. Young, MSE, CCC-SLP, CAMT, NDT Founder/CEO


Cindy A. Young MSE, CCC-SLP, CAMT, Pediatric NDT Certified

Cindy Young knew from an early age that she wanted to help children who had special needs. As a young child she was drawn to interact, befriend and seek to know children who would appear or act differently from other children. Her passion to help others became a reality when she graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a Master of Science degree in Speech Pathology and Education and achieved her Certificate of Clinical Competence and became a Speech Language Pathologist and Certified Teacher.

Upon graduating from UCA in 1986 she began working at a birth to three home based program in Texas for two years.  During this time she realized the importance of the family of the child who has a disability and the significance of educating and making a team with the family in order to impact the child's life. In 1988 Cindy began working at Arkansas Easter Seals. During her six years there she traveled to Chicago to obtain her Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT) certificate.  After completion Cindy began to create holistic treatment for her clients.  She also studied under neo-natal experts and began working with several hospitals in the Central Arkansas area to improve the healing atmosphere of their neonatal critical care units.  Cindy was a strong team member by assessing oral motor feeding skills and developing therapuetic feeding programs, as well as techniques she taught as a standard of practice today. Cindy even found time to co-write a book used in classrooms across the country titled, "Tools for Literacy and Communication," published in 1994, which is still used by instructors and parents today.

In 1994 she made the decision to go into business on her own. She co-founded Advanced Children's Therapy which later converged with ACCESSabilities Preschool into what today is known as, The Access Group, Inc.  For over 16 years she alternately served as CEO and COO for Access Schools located here in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Cindy used her God given gifts to grow a strong organization and programs by writing curriculum, creating and establishing innovative classrooms, developing a ceramic and cooking business as well as training parents, staff and other professionals at local, state, and national conventions.  

Then in 2011, after 16 years of founding and co-serving at the helm of Access Schools; God as He chooses to do when He gives someone a special gift, abruptly shut one door and quickly opened another door for Cindy.   She founded All Children's Therapy (ACT) and All Children's Academy (ACA), a Christian based 501 (c) (3) nonprofit school. The school recently changed it's name to Aspire Christian Academy (ACA). Today, Cindy with her team has created and designed an entirely new innovative program known as "Therapeutically Enhanced Education®."    Cindy believes that God called her to open a Christian school for the student with dyslexia, langauge delay, ADHD, apraxia, sensory porcessing disorder, and/or specific learning disability who requires an intensive, explicit and individualized education.  ACA offers a 1:6 teacher student ratio and uses evidence based multisensory instruction with a holistic approach that focuses on God, the students, the family in the home, school and community environements. 

Cindy's Speaking Engagements

  • Presenter: Advancing Knowledge, Enhancing Opportunities, International Division of Early Childhood Conference (2006)
  • Keynote speakerTools for Literacy and Communication, 13th Annual DuBard Symposium,Dyslexia and Related Disorders (2009)
  • PresenterLanguage Is the Key to Academic Success, ArkSHA 2009 Convention, Caring for Communication
  • Presenter: Organization: Getting Ready to Learn, Arkansas Council for Exceptional Children 2009 Annual Conference, Embracing Student Success (2009)
  • Presenter: Expand Educational Outcomes: Using Multi-sensory Tools Combined With Technology, Arkansas Education Alliance Annual Conference (2010)
  • Presenter: Getting Organized, Learning Disabilities Association of Arkansas Annual Conference 2010.
  • Presenter: How Language and Literacy impact Academics. Professional development training, Little Rock Christian Academy, 2011.
  • Presenter: Sensory Based Feeding Disorders, ARKSHA State Meeting 2011 Annual Conference.
  • Presenter: ARKSHA State Meeting 2012, Annual Conference.
  • Presenter: ARKSHA State Meeting 2013, Annual Conference.
  • Presenter: ARKSHA State Meeting 2014, Annual Conference.
  • Presenter: ARKSHA State Meeting 2015, Annual Conference.