Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

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God’s presence, the student’s excitement, the parent’s anticipation of the night’s events were a few things that filled the atmosphere of All Children’s Academy’s performance of Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, performed this past Friday night. Having been in the throws of making preparations for the night’s events for a few months now, it wasn’t until the day after that I truly got to reflect on the awesome wonders that occurred. For many of our students, this was the first time they had ever been on a stage and more specifically, on a stage holding their heads up with pride able to be involved in a school production. They did it! And they had fun and were able to celebrate! Watching their self-confidence transform through this project was spectacular. The entire evening was pieced together by God. There is no other explanation as to how this evening was so powerful and impactful to not only the audience, but to the staff and students who have been working so diligently for many weeks now. To see the students circle up before dress rehearsal and the opening act of the performance to give their thanks and worries to God through prayer and to claim that this was entirely for His glory was priceless. To hear the words of encouragement spoken to the parents that every child, regardless of abilities is designed and made specifically for God’s purposes to glorify Him, could not have been a coincidence in knowing how many parents in the audience needed that reminder that evening. We are so grateful for the people who were able to come to see the students. The night was made possible by the dedicated staff, volunteers, parents, and students, and the Lord above who knew what needed to be accomplished that evening. Our students were showcased for their talents in fine arts, and more importantly for who they are and how they were created…fearfully and wonderfully.


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