Screen Media's NEGATIVE Effects On Children

Screen Media's NEGATIVE Effects On Children

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I know that I am considered "older" (OUCH) since I am now 53  and many of you might say I am old fashioned and not hip to the new way of thinking that every child needs movies in their car, their own iPad with play apps, and constant iPhone interaction.  I personally use all of the screen media mentioned ~ I live the iLife and love it.  But I have got to voice a BIG concern over how our young children are being raised in a media-saturated environment.  The Academy of Pediatrics, the National Association for the Education of Young children and the White House have developed papers on the extent to which children should be exposed to and engaged in watching television and other additional screen time on smart phones, pads and computers.

It is already being proven that when a child has intense involvement in screen media it has adverse effects on their growth and health.  Did you read that?????? ADVERSE effects so please stop and think before you put in a movie in your car (you could have a conversation), hand your child your smart phone (your could play a game), watch TV non-stop (they could read a book, play with toys, or help around the house), or give them endless computer time (they could play outside) .  "The Authorities" agree that children under 2 need limited exposure and strong limits between 2 to 5 years old.  Excessive exposure can lead to obesity, sleep problems and other health difficulties. Children really really really need time to develop more fully their own imagination and capacity to play.  I am fearful of the negative outcomes of screen media for our children.......are you?



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