Make It To The Promise Land

Make It To The Promise Land

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I am going to admit in writing I have struggled with my weight and have been on some sort of DIET now for about 44 years …  OH MY!!!!!  I know that will sound absolutely positively absurd to many of you, but remember even the Israelites were wandering around for 40 years and finally made it to the Promise Land.  I still have HOPE for me.

Now the reason for my confession is not because I want you to blog back and tell me the latest and greatest remedy to weight loss.  It is because I want to highlight the very struggle that I have faced for so many years has required me to persevere and that perseverance has taught me more lessons than any size 10 could ever have. This lesson should be applied for stuggle students as well.

It is the same for a child who has a Specific Learning Disability (SLD)!  They struggle to learn to read and write, comprehend and do the academic school work that others do without even thinking about it.  Just like any diet, it works - if you work it. A diet has to be a program you can follow, something that has a defined plan that is accumulative and incremental (you can’t lose 25 pounds in two weeks), it has to change what your currently eating (that is making you overweight) to a new and different way to eat and most importantly requires a certain teacher to lead.  Of course above all else you have to stick to that plan so that your reach your goal ~ I call the promise land.

So for a child who has learning difficulties they need a specific plan for them that can teach them what they have not been able to lean from a traditional school setting. They need a comprehensive school program, small teacher to student ratio, a curriculum specific for their delays that are accumulative and incrementally taught using all of their senses (multi-sensory), a calm, nurturing environment and the appropriate teacher or therapist who can lead them …… To the Promise Land!


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