Dyslexia Month

Dyslexia Month

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There are many, many, students who are attending a regular school, receive specialized services plus therapy and tutoring and they are still unable to keep up with the demands of their grade level academics. The current number is 1 in 5 have Dyslexia. This group of students get further and further behind every year because they don't have the necessary language skills to apply to higher thinking ... higher academics. 

Good news is....if these students are provided a 1 to 6 or less teacher student ratio, plus a multisensory curriculum taught by a highly skilled teacher who addresses phonology, reading, writing, math, and comprehension they CAN CATCH up and many times get to their grade level. If you are Dyslexic you have within normal limit IQ so there is NO reason not to reach you highest academic potential.

So many students with Dyslexia are frustrated, sad, mad, and even depressed because they struggle to learn the most basic concepts of print. So why would a parent keep doing the same thing over and over with the same results for their child....maybe it is because they don't know about ACA! Tell your FB friends to check out www.AspireChristianAcademy.org


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