Dyslexia Diagnosis: Not All Dyslexics Are The Same

Dyslexia Diagnosis: Not All Dyslexics Are The Same

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It has been fascinating and exciting to watch the current trend of Dyslexia to say the least.  After 26 years of being in the field of speech language pathology and education FINALLY awareness has risen for students who have a diagnosis of dyslexia.  Families are no longer willing to accept that their child with normal intelligence cannot read and write because the research and data is there to tell them differently. 

Dyslexia is a language based reading disorder that falls under the broader diagnosis of Specific Learning Disability.  What has surprised me the most is the thought that dyslexia is a single diagnosis and means that all should be treated the same.  Yes, there are proven methods that are necessary for the student with dyslexia to learn.  They require small group instruction with explicit incremental teaching as well as a multisensory approach (hands on) so that their visual, kinesthetic, auditory and tactile senses are involved in the learning process.  This is non-negotiable!!!!!!

However, those who believe that the phonological awareness and phonemic development is the only major and foremost skill to address must be reminded that you have to look at a child with dyslexia’s language skills as well.  Many have difficulty with processing speed, orthographic coding, auditory short-term memory, sensory processing, and/or rapid naming. If a child learns to read but can not comprehend what they have read then they are only site reading without knowing what the words say.  Language concepts are the foundation skills to all academics.  Language includes:  expressive speech, written expression, receptive language, syntax (grammar), semantics (word meaning), phonology, morphology, and pragmatics. There are specific reading approaches for the dyslexic, but more importantly there are specific therapeutic methods and materials to address the specific language deficits for a student that shows a deficit in any of the above-mentioned areas of language. 

All Children’s Academy is a school for students who fit the criteria of a specific learning disability. We offer a Therapeutically Enhanced Education® because not all students with Dyslexia are the same.


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