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Pre-Teach! Teach! Review!

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PRE-TEACH.....TEACH......REVIEW! This is an essential part of therapy utilized by our therapy partners at ACT! We use a multi sensory approach to teaching speech, articulation, and receptive language skills by involving all parts of the brain which is non-negotiable for all students that receive individual therapy....................

Dyslexia Month

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DYSLEXIA MONTH: There are many, many, students who are attending a regular school, receive specialized services plus therapy and tutoring and they are still unable to keep up with the demands of their grade level academics......................

Dyslexia Diagnosis: Not All Dyslexics Are The Same

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It has been fascinating and exciting to watch the current trend of Dyslexia to say the least.  After 26 years of being in the field of speech language pathology and education FINALLY awareness has risen for students who have a diagnosis of dyslexia.  Families are no longer willing to accept that their child with normal intelligence cannot read and write because the research and data is there to tell them differently. 

Dr. Joyce Pickering ~

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Guidance and Tips from Dr. Joyce Pickering

Friday Night All Children's Academy welcomed Dr. Joyce Pickering from the Shelton School in Dallas, Texas. How insightful it was to hear the workshop, "All Children Learn Differently!"

Make It To The Promise Land

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I am going to admit in writing I have struggled with my weight and have been on some sort of DIET now for about 44 years …  OH MY!!!!!  I know that will sound absolutely positively absurd to many of you, but remember even the Israelites were wandering around for 40 years and finally made it to the Promise Land.  I still have HOPE for me.

Screen Media's NEGATIVE Effects On Children

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I know that I am considered "older" (OUCH) since I am now 53  and many of you might say I am old fashioned and not hip to the new way of thinking that every child needs movies in their car, their own iPad with play apps, and constant iPhone interaction.  I personally use all of the screen media mentioned ~ I live the iLife and love it.  But I have got to voice a BIG concern over how our young children are being raised in a media-saturated environment.