Therapeutically Enhanced Education

Therapeutically Enhanced Education

All Children's Academy (ACA)  is the only Arkansas based online therapeutic resource utilizing it's Trademarked program "Therapeutically Enhanced Education."  Even students with a diagnosis of dyslexia, language delays, ADHD, apraxia, sensory processing disorder, and/or specific learning disability will benefit from this program. 

ACA's programs were created and designed to holistically address the students six domains of health and wellness: intellect, social, spiritual, emotional, environment, and physical.  Our online and inhouse model strives to give the student the right tools to be successful in their home, school and community.  ACA provides proven and tested materials where a student can develop their unique giftedness, self-confidence and the skills necessary to realize their full achievement in all areas of their life. 

ACA Online utilizes academic curriculum adapts traditional teaching methods to specific tailored proven curriculum. ACA uses evidence-based multisensory progrms such as Orton Gillingham, Sequential English Education®, The DuBard Associaiton Method®, Multisensory Math, Lindamood Bell®, Montessori activities, and biblically based life skills training.  

ACA  offers parent trainings and conferences to educate, equip and support them as a integral part of our team. Students who find traditional school frustrating and overwhelming impacts the entire family.  Equally important to ACA is our ability to provide a place of belonging and acceptance for each student.  

ACA's multi-disciplinary team consisting of the families, educators, speech language pathologists, occupational and physical therapists  utilizes a comprehensive holistic approach we call a"Therapeutically Enhanced Education® that addresses the student's academic needs. The curriculum, learning environment, organizational methods, sensory support, and Biblical Principles are of the utmost importance to our model. Our focus for each student is to address their weaknesses while building on their strengths.  Our students discover that they were fearfully and wonderfully made by God, so they are able to accept their journey in life as well as learn coping strategies to persevere over trials with Godly character.