ACA teachers/therapists provide a holistic approach for the students by using researched and evidence-based learning strategies.....


Families are the the core of our service. We train and involve the family in every aspect of their child's education..


Educating students to understand their role in the community, is really an extension of their role in the family....


All Children's Academy offers Therapeutic Enhanced Education through online or in house instruction.

Campus Activities

"Aspire's 5K, A Running Success!"

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It may have been a cold, cold morning at two Rivers Park for the 1st Annual Aspire Christian Academy 5K, but the students and runners enthusiasm quickly brought warmth to the whole event!........................

Pumpkins and Scarecrows and Hayrides, Oh My!

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The fall brings its earthy smell of damp soil and bright colored leaves that cover the ground. The anticipation of cooler weather, wearing flannel, wrapping in cozy blankets to warm and envisioning the harvest time of apples and pumpkins, highlight this time of year...............

ACA Students Recently Set Sail For The Nina And The Pinta!

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 Indeed, Columbus set sail for the ocean blue in 1492. But, recently ACA students were asked to debate the question “Did Columbus really discover America?”........................ 

"There's No Roughing It, When ACA Students Take To The Wilderness!"

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“We’re going camping now. We’re on our way!”  ACA’s summer school fun began with many opportunities to turn the everyday humdrum of inside learning into an explosion of outdoor fun.............

"ACA Field Trip Leads To A Real Pickle!"

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Taking advantage of hands on learning is something that All Children’s Academy does best. Going to the Farmer’s Market is one experience that continues year after year at ACA.